Sunday, November 5, 2017

2017 Christmas Countdown: Mountain Dew Holiday Brew!

New for the 2017 Christmas Season, Mountain Dew HOLIDAY BREW aims to be the go-to drink this holiday season. Will it ruin your Christmas Vacation OR make your heart grow three times it's size?

Christmas 2017!
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I've not even finished packing away all of my Halloween decorations yet, but the inevitable spill-over into Christmas has already began. It usually takes me about a week to decompress from Halloween and morph into Christmastime festivities, but this year there seems to be no stopping the holiday rush.

I've already found some of the seasons biggest and best offerings! 🎅🎄🎅

And you know what... I think I'm perfectly alright with that. My Halloween season started off great before fizzling out midway through October, I plan on making ground by having the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny fucking Kaye.

And we are starting this Christmas Season Shit with Mountain Dew.

Christmas 2017!
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I've always loved the mad rush at the beginning of the holiday season to track down these new seasonal items. "Hunting for the Holidays" is what I like to call it and the best part of it is randomly finding some crazy new promotional doohickey that you had no idea existed the day before... and then hoarding it for the next two months in case it never comes back.

I was at Hy-Vee this morning, that would be a local grocery store chain for those of you not in the Midwest, when I stumbled across this tiered Mountain Dew display. Initially I only gave it a passing glace, like most folks I feel like gotten accustomed to seeing Dews Game Fuel product line.

Game Fuel comes out every November right before the release of the latest "Call of Duty" title and looks like cancer in a bottle.

Beyond simply knowing of its existence, Game Fuel is not a product line that's ever interested me. I don't play "Call of Duty" and while oddball flavors of soda are always intriguing, I've cut back on soft drinks in general. To the point that it take something really unique to get me to crack one open.

That's my long winded way of saying "I almost walked right by this shit". Millage will no doubt vary from store to store, but HOLIDAY  BREW was kinda unfairly tucked away in the middle of a larger Game Fuel display I spotted it. When you go hunting, make sure you look carefully if you want one for yourself.

ULTIMATE HOLIDAY BLEND! DEW + CODE RED is the name of the game, but does it pass the taste test? Yeah... actually I enjoyed Holiday Brew quite a bit. I'm not sure how much different it tastes than normal Code Red, it's been a spell since I've last drank one of those, but if memory serves me correctly the two are strikingly similar. 

Holiday Brew is definitely lighter in color and has perhaps has a bit more "punchy" of a flavor when you take that first sip. The beverage works well, even if it doesn't stray to far off the beaten path. A decision that I am frankly OK with. 

Side Story: Not every seasonal flavor works for me. I tried a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice chilled coffee drink right before Halloween and ended up dumping the entire thing down the drain... it was gross. Sometimes a fun package design and a festive name is all that's necessary. 

Holiday Brew seems to fall into that category and that's probably for the best. We aren't breaking any new grounds in the flavor department, no weird mix of cranberries and holiday spices here, just a slight variation on Code Red dressed up for the holidays.  

Christmas 2017!
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Speaking of package designs, I think this is the area that Holiday Brew really excels. As I mentioned earlier, it's a brighter shade of red than Code Red, making Holiday Brew really feel at home this time of year. Mountain Dew has gone to a more neon shade of green during it's most recent redesign, so it's nice to see Holiday Brew returning to a more traditional flat / forest green color scheme for most of the artwork.

Am I wrong in saying it aims to look like wrapping paper? Because to me it looks like a wrapped Christmas gift! It's refreshing... pun not intended... to Holiday Brew full embracing the season, compared to Sierra Mist: Cranberry Splash... which seems to have gotten further and further away from it's holiday roots (I think they have even taken cranberry out of the name and just call it Mist Twist these days)... which as far as I can tell, isn't even available yet.

It's nice to have at least one brand of soda that fully embraces the Christmas Season. 

Overall Mountain Dew Holiday Brew is an exciting and fun new edition to the 2017 Christmas Season. The flavor may be a bit of a letdown to hardcore Dew drinkers due to it's close nature to Code Red, but for those of us who only crack open a soda on special occasions, I was impressed by the overall package.

Remember the fun is in the hunt... so you owe it to yourself to track one down out in the wild and give it a taste this Holiday Season!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Countdown 2017: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


There are some years that I get absolutely burnt out by the end of October, 2017 was one such season. Even with that in mind, I still had a blast handing out candy... even if my costume consisted only of a Minnesota Wild hockey jersey.

I should have gone for it and wore a "Friday the 13th" hockey mask with my jersey. Doh! I'm going to spend the rest of my evening watching the last half of Stranger Things and squeezing the maximum amount of fun from Octobers Rotting Corpse.

Tomorrow we make the switch to Santa. Let's enjoy the last breath of Halloween as best we can! Thanks for sticking around through the slow times, enjoy the rest of the evening and have a Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Christmas Countdown: Return of Christmas Crunch & More!

Confession: I've just not been feeling very Halloween-ish this season. It's 100% on me. I can recognize from afar that this year has been a pretty solid one. Filled with some great seasonal releases, fun horror movies... all culminating with the release Season 2 of Stranger Things over on Netflix.

I feel like the 2017 Halloween Season is going to be fondly remembered by many folks.

So don't let my seasonal fatigue ruin it for you, I've just hit my fill of plastic pumpkin pails and Count Chocula a little bit sooner than I usually do. On the flip side, it's almost November 1st and I am super excited for the Christmas Season!

It snowed yesterday. Nothing significant but good grief Charlie Brown, it was like snorting a line of cranberries and peppermint. It feels so much like the holidays already!

I dunno, it might just be me but doesn't it feel like this coming Christmas Season is going to be one of the biggest we've had in a long time? It's something in the air, you can almost feel it. Folks, I think something special is brewing for Christmastime.

2017 Christmas Countdown!
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Behold! I feel like four of the seasons heaviest hitters have already found their way to store shelves. Christmas Crunch is the long-standing returning champion but is now accompanied by Life: Gingerbread Spice, Cinnamon Vanilla Lucky Charms, and Hot Cocoa Cocoa Puffs.

Hallelujah! That's a lot of seasonal breakfast cereal. And we aren't even into November yet.

I will be covering all of these individually over the next few days, my Christmas spirit is far to unseasonably high to pass on this perfectly timed encounter.

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Unrelated but I set up my "first" Christmas Tree of the season too.  It's taken a bit but I've finally cleared up enough space in my life to have room for this amazing Charlie Brown Christmas. 

This is so perfect. It really does look like a blend of both seasons.

Check back in the next few days as I start to roll out some more holiday themed articles!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Halloween Countdown 2017: M&Ms Ghoul's Mix!

The 2017 Halloween Countdown is a two plus month celebration of the spookiest sights and sounds of the season! Tonight we party with M&Ms GHOUL'S MIX! A spooky new twist on a classic candy treat!

2017 Halloween Countdown!
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Unexpected Surprises. The best part of the Halloween (and later Christmas) Seasons is all of the unexpected surprises that you run across. A routine trip to the gas station this morning turned up M&Ms GHOUL'S MIX! One of the coolest new items of the season.

Sometimes (most of the time) it's the simple designs that work the best. I love pumpkin spice but not everything needs the pumpkin spice treatment. A few years ago we got both pumpkin spice and candy corn flavored M&M's ... I found them both gag inducing.

2017 Halloween Countdown!
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Ghoul's Mix is a much better spooky alternative. No crazy flavoring that you have to convince yourself into loving, it's regular peanut M&M's... only so much better. I love the color palate. Purples. Oranges. With a splash of green. Each seems slightly muted and punched up to eleven at the same time. It's a clear cut case of witchcraft.  

And we haven't even really talked about the front of the package, which features artwork so good I'm half tempted to turn it into my next tattoo. Spooky bats, monster green fonts, the yellow M&M guy dressed as a mummy... this is why Halloween is so great! I love junk like this.

As of this writing (September 30th) I feel like we've had a great start to the 2017 Halloween Season. I'm not sure what surprises October has in store for us, but I plan on fitting in as much Halloween as I can for the next 31 days as humanly possibly. I suggest you do the same!

Stay Spooky Everyone!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Christmas Countdown 2017: The First Signs!

September 22nd marks the arrival of the Autumn Equinox! Summer is officially over and the Countdown to Halloween is well underway. The arrival of another year-end Holiday has already began, however. Let's take a look at the first official signs of the 2017 Christmas Season! Ho-Ho-Ho!

For many of us, Halloween is a two month celebration of everything spooky and macabre. Retail stores have started pushing product sooner and sooner each season, much to the delight of Great Pumpkin enthusiasts worldwide.

This helps make September through December is my favorite time of year to go shopping. All of the amazing seasonal products that get released this time of year, it's bliss. From pumpkins to Santa... it all makes for an innocent distraction from how crappy the real world can be.

It should come as no real surprise then, with the Halloween Season kicking off sooner than ever before, that the Christmas Season would follow suit. I was out searching for a few items to write about in this years Halloween Countdown when I accidentally stumbled upon Christmas!

Pictured above the first real items of the season, Peppermint Coffee-Mate and After Dinner Mint Chocolate Milk. To clarify, by real items of the season... my personal set of "Hunt for the Holidays" parameters dictate that any store that keeps Christmas out year round (Hallmark) or sets up insanely early (Hobby Lobby) doesn't really count.

What I look for, and what I think is fun, is when the run of the mill stores that you visit every single day suddenly decide "close enough" and cover the place in reindeer droppings and frosted flakes.

That is not a healthy combination, don't eat it for breakfast.

For those wondering, yeah... I bought the After Dinner Mint Chocolate Milk and it was delicious.  I've seen this for a couple years now and always passed it over in favor of some classic eggnog, but I'm glad I finally made the dive.

It's really good. Albeit it not particularly Christmassy ... I'm sort of alright with that. Afterall it is only September.

I will be back tomorrow with a new entry into the 2017 Halloween Countdown.... a look at the redesigned Halloween Oreo's!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Halloween Countdown 2017:10 Things I Like About The Great Pumpkin!

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" debuted October 27th, 1966. Since then, it has been one of the Halloween seasons finest cartoon specials! Here are 10 Things I Like About The Great Pumpkin!

Halloween Countdown 2017
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10.) Linus Makes A 'Great Pumpkin' Sign!
One of the iconic images of the cartoon is this shot of Linus sitting happily by himself in the middle of a pumpkin patch, holding a handwritten sign welcoming the Great Pumpkin.

Classic Peanuts Charm is at play here, it's so innocent. So silly. And so strangely heartwarming to see Linus firmly planted in his belief that the Great Pumpkin exists and is looking for the most sincere pumpkin patch. Don't worry Linus, if I was in charge I'd pick you!

Halloween Countdown 2017
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9.) Pigpen Makes an Appearance! 
My favorite of the secondary Peanuts Gang characters, Pigpen makes a couple brief appearances. The first time he shows up on screen he's wearing a makeshift ghost costume, boasting to himself how nobody will be able to recognize him under that bed-sheet.

Of course everyone instantly recognizes Pigpen due to the massive cloud of dust which surrounds him everyplace he goes. No matter how many times I watch this cartoon, I always get a kick out of this little gag.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Halloween Countdown 2017: Blair Witch Project's Decade Old Website!

The 2017 Halloween Countdown is a two plus month celebration of the spookiest sights and sounds of the season! Tonight we dive deep into the decade old website of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and uncover this forgotten relic of years past!

The Blair Witch Project. It is one of those horror films that you either lived through and get why people remember it so fondly or are to young to understand why the hell anyone was ever frightened of it the first place.

I am a huge fan of the flick but will always be among the first to admit that time has not been kind to the motion picture. Since its release in 1999 countless other movies have taken the concept of "found footage" and not only done it better, but done it to the point that it is incredibly difficult to go back to The Blair Witch Project and enjoy the movie for what it is.

And what it is (or was) is an incredibly surreal experience with a complete mindfuck for an ending that, back in 1999, everyone was convinced was 100% real.

It sounds like a complete farce but trust me everyone thought this film was real. Why? Simply because they told us it was. Besides, it didn't look or sound like any other film that had ever came out before it. This looked like... well, found footage.

It made the movie seem completely plausible when logic and better judgement should have dictated otherwise. The Blair Witch Project wasn't just a film that you went and seen. It was an experience that, for a few months in the late 1990's, everybody was completely entrenched in.

And a big part of that experience (for me) was logging online and checking out the films official website. I was an odd kid, I spent an unhealthy amount of time pondering over the information presented on Blair Witch Project website, treating each and every word as gospel.

The wonderful part about the internet is that nothing ever really goes away.

Despite being over a decade old, the original Blair Witch website is still online. Largely untouched since the films release, it is like stepping through a time machine and into a world of slow internet connections and horribly compressed .GIF files. 

Here are a few highlights:

2017 Halloween Countdown
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MYTHOLOGY: It is amazing that this passed as a functioning website back in 1999. I know the phrase "times used to be so much simpler" tends to get tossed around a lot, but holy shit the internet really did used to be a hell of a lot simpler.

Anyhow, the meat and potatoes of was this section. Everything on here is a complete and total farce, ie: absolute bullshit. There is no Elly Kedward. There was no "rare" book from 1809. And there sure as shit wasn't four bodies discovered in 1886.

... and none of that mattered. Blair Witch was the perfect storm of right concept at the right time, it sounds silly in 2017 but back in 1999 if it was online you just assumed it was true.

All of this information added so much to the films lore, way more than Freddy or Jason ever had. I will use this analogy again, but Blair Witch was half found footage and half Unsolved Mysteries.

Good god it was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Halloween Countdown 2017: The Halloween Jukebox is New and Improved!

The 2017 Halloween Countdown is a two plus month celebration of the spookiest sights and sounds of the season! We kick things off with the revival of the Halloween Jukebox! Over 100 of the seasons creepiest tunes!

Website Note: I've the photo uploading service Photobucket for a number of years to host images and then upload them to my blog. Recently, they made a change to there terms of service and no longer allow for 3rd party hosting (unless you pay an outrageous $400 a year fee).

Thankfully, I've just relaunched and re-branded as "Attack of the Blog" and don't have many dead files but I feel for the thousands of other users who unexpectedly had there websites ruined thanks to this change. I will be working on updating any effected files on this site over the next few days. Thanks for sticking with me!

And with that out of the way... Welcome to the 2017 Halloween Countdown! Things will really begin to heat up on September 1st but until then I've updated and revised one of my favorite features, The Halloween Jukebox!

This years variation features 109 different tracks for your listing pleasure. And I've taken great care to make sure the order of everything flows... flows as much as possible, anyway. My goal was to create something that sounds a bit like what you'd hear on the radio.

I particularly like the Jack Black "Be Kind Rewind" Ghosbusters spoof of the Ghostbusters theme leading into the real deal. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Feedback is always appreciated and so are shares!

Remember you can find the Halloween Jukebox year round on the tab up above. Stay Spooky!

Monday, May 15, 2017

I Now Own A Sealed Batman '89 VHS Tape!

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I love thrift shops, especially early in the summer months. When folks start to spring clean. That is when all of the good stuff get's dumped!

Today, I made a routine trip to the local Goodwill which I frequent. I scoured the shelves for something fun and came away with two copies of Tim Burton's 1989 "Batman" on VHS.

One of the tapes is still factory shrink wrapped!

I am honestly not a VHS tape collector, but sometimes life gives you opportunities you 'aught not pass. This was one of them.

Goodwill's tend to vary from location to location, each shop has its own flavor. My particular store is a bit frustrating, in that they don't really sort anything. Or even... try to, for that matter.

The shop is mostly just big long shelves full of clothing, with some spaces up above for all the miscellaneous knick-knacks. One end is dedicated to used furniture and a small corner filled with books.

One small wire rack is usually all they have for media (movies, games, music, records) and that is usually extremely picked through. To my surprise, today they had a second wire rack. Doubled sided. And filled with VHS tapes!

Eek! It was like being transported back in time to the long-since-closed Mom & Pop Video store we used to have downtown. My first instinct was to scan for anything horror related. Sadly, they didn't have anything to choose from. Unless you count a beat up copy of "Ghost" starring Patrick Swayze a horror film.

I'm pretty pleased to have a factory sealed copy of "Batman" though. If for no other reason than to say I've got one.

Oh and it was only .50 cents.

Eat your heart out, eBay.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ranking EVERY Friday the 13th Main Theme!

It's no secret that I am a huge Friday the 13th fan. As I slowly fill my arms with tattoos, I've got a space saved to commemorate Jason Voorhees, I'm that big of a fan.

And I'm always looking for new and (hopefully) unique ways to incorporate Jason into the website. April 29th is officially the halfway point to Halloween, so let's get into the season by ranking all of the main themes to the Friday the 13th Franchise! Excluding Freddy vs. Jason (which has an ass-kicking soundtrack) for the simple fact that I couldn't find Jason's orchestration theme on YouTube.

From worst to best here is what I think of the music of Friday the 13th!

11.) Friday the 13th: Part V -- A New Beginning
My least favorite film in the franchise also stakes claim to having the worst opening theme. Like the movie itself, the theme to "A New Beginning" really suffers from lack of direction. The track is all over the place with nothing in particular being especially good.

Final Verdict: A hodgepodge of ideas cut to a (near) three minute mess you should pass on.

10.) Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday
Another meandering pile of bad ideas, this feels less like a Friday the 13th theme and more akin to one of those spooky sound effects cassette tapes the local pharmacy used to sell in the early 1990s come Halloween time.

If the plot of the film is supposed to be Jason Voorhees being sent to hell, then I'd have taken it in a darker Gothic Horror / Industrial Sound. Not sure how (or why) they landed on generic synth sounds... but good grief it is awful!

Final Verdict: Pass like a bad prom date!

9.) Friday the 13th: Part VII -- The New Blood
Seven entries into any film franchise and movie studios are bound to start trying new things just for the hell of it. "The New Blood" has a drastically different theme than any of the prior films and I'd have to imagine that was done by design. It is called new blood for a reason.

It's a cool theme and I dig it a lot. Kind of gives off a weird Aliens sort of vibe to it, ironic considering Jason would later be sent into outerspace. I dunno, I like how weirdly science fiction it sounds.

So it's a fun theme but not necessarily a good Friday the 13th theme. Holy shit studios must hate fans. We are so hard to please. Give me something new that sounds similar to exactly what we had before, why is that so hard to do?

Final Verdict: Cool but probably not on Jason's iPod playlist.

8.) Friday the 13th: Part VIII -- Jason Takes Manhattan
Oh boy, I love this one. "Jason Takes Manhattan" is a total guilty pleasure of mine. It's such a fun concept for a Friday Film, that even if it wasn't executed in the way we'd all have hopped... fuck it, everything was worth it for that one shot of Jason Voorhees standing in Times Square.

Oh and the boombox scene. I love that shit.

"Jason Takes Manhattan" has a shitty sounding 80's hair metal / power ballad track as it's opening theme. Because of course it does. It's terrible and I love it. Give it a listen and then make it your ring tone on your cellphone.

Final Verdict: This track is so bad it's good... but also isn't really a proper "theme" for a Jason film. I love it all the same.

7.) Friday the 13th (2009)
Fans hate remakes. Even if said remakes are actually good. Point in case, the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th. It's a great Friday Film that doesn't get the proper credit it deserves. Derek Mears was honestly pretty terrifying as Jason Voorhees and totally deserves a chance to continue to play the character in future installments.

If you've somehow avoided the film simply because it's a remake, stop it Go buy yourself a cheap copy come Halloween time (we are halfway there!) and thank yourself later.

For the remake, they went with an interesting and creepy take on the Friday the 13th theme as well. It's definable in it's moody atmosphere, of which it's oozing. I also dig the top notch sounding production, having clearly benefited from a studio actually caring about the product it was putting forward.

Final Verdict: Goes for style over substance but lacks a certain "omph" of some of the truly great Friday Films. Great Halloween mood music, though!

6.) Jaxon X
Until recently it felt like everyone within the horror community hated "Jason X"... and I mean passionately hated "Jason X". I remember seeing this film when it came out in a near empty theater, it was myself and perhaps three other folks. And I loved every minute of the film right from the very start.

I've always had a soft spot for late entry slasher films that give zero fucks about continuity and do strange things like sticking Jason Voorhees into outerspace. No specific reason why, just Space Jason. It's why I think horror franchises should just go on forever, you didn't know that you wanted to see Jason in space... and yet here we are and we have finally come to love it.

Yes, "Jason X" has finally obtained the "cult classic" status it deserves. It really has. After all the lifeless and dull reboots that have came out (I'm looking at you, Nightmare on Elm Street) I think a lot of fans went back and realized that shit like "Jason X" is just... fun. Horror is supposed to be a lot of obvious things; scary, bloody, violent. Sometimes we all forget that above all else, horror is supposed to be fun.

It's interesting that in away, the theme for "A New Blood" sounds more like a theme for a science fiction / alien film than "Jason X" does. Whenever I listen to this track, I cannot help but feel like for some reason the whole damn thing was influenced by the opening score to "Clive Barker's: Hellraiser"

It's the wispy sounding bells and the slight Gothic influence that does it. Plus the odd satanic chants at the very start of the track. Shitballs, this is an interesting theme that ... wait, Hellraiser influence?

Both Pinhead and Jason went to outerspace in subsequent movie sequels. Conspiracy... or missed opportunity for crossover. I'm going with the latter.

Final Verdict: Like the movie itself the first time though, you'll probably wonder what in the fuck you just subjected yourself to. The more you listen the more you'll uncover and the cooler it becomes. +1 points for possible Hellraiser ties.

5.) Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
My personal favorite film in the franchise, in large part because Ted White is a total badass as Jason. Kane Hodder gets all of the fan service and love for his portrayal of Jason, but it was really Ted who helped take the character to the next level.

Plus, Ted openly admitted to finding Corey Feldman more than a little irritating on set. The scene near the end of the flick in which Jason breaks through a large window and grabs ahold of Feldman's character is now infamous for going a bit off script: "I thought I had ahold of the little bastard for the first time and I put the arm choke on him. And he was so horrified. If you look at his face, that's true horror 'cause he knew that I had him and two seconds later he threw up all over the place."

Yeah, any Jason that can make Corey Feldman throw up for real is pretty much the definitive version in my book. "Final Chapter" is such a great film, almost making me wish (but not really) they actually had ended the series then and their.

For the soundtrack, it's a combination of all the best parts of the first three flicks. Exactly what it needed to be and should have been. It's an awesome soundtrack. When I think "Friday the 13th" this is the songs and sounds that I attribute with the movies.

Final Verdict: The best parts of the original soundtracks mixed and matched together. Yep, it's as good as you'd expect it to be!

4.) Friday the 13th: Part 2
The second film in the franchise serves as our first real introduction to adult Jason Voorhees, who would take over as the series man antagonist from this point forward. Sack Head Jason is quite underrated in my opinion. I've always enjoyed my version of Jason to be a bit more hillbilly backwoods folk and less supernatural, zombie Jason.

Later incarnations serve the intended purpose just fine, have to get the character back on the screen somehow. And giving him mutant powers of regeneration are basically the only way in.

But here in Part 2, Jason is still more like your crazy inbred uncle nobody talks about. And his theme reflects that. It's basically the same tune used in the first, but a bit more frantic.

Final Verdict: Suits the switch from Mrs. Voorhees to Jason as the main killer and the quicker tempo reflects this slight change in direction.

3.) Friday the 13th: Part VI -- Jason Lives
This was the "Friday the 13th" film that had the daunting task of righting the wrongs left by "A New Beginning." I feel like "A New Beginning" tried to re-invent the franchise in the worst possible way, by not really doing anything different yet somehow completely fucking up basically everything that made it fun in the first place.

"Jason Lives" is a true return to form, and it's a pretty good movie too. How can you go wrong with Jason killing Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter within the opening 10 minutes of the flick? Basically any movie could be improved by that.

The theme for "Jason Lives" also brings the series back to its roots and it's better off for it. It feels somehow punchier than the original, like it's got the perfect amount of "omph" to it. No filler moments, either. Straight up slash and shriek... exactly what the series needed!

Final Verdict: Great rendition of the classic theme, punched up to 11.

2.) Friday the 13th (1980)
The original! The movie that started it all. Michael Myers came first but Jason has always done it better (and bloodier) in my opinion. Composed by Harry Manfredini, who did a lot of the scores for subsequent Friday Films, I've always felt that "Friday the 13th" was pretty heavily inspired by the sounds of Alfred Hitchcock. In particular Psycho.

It's just sort of got that classic Hollywood feel to it, in the best possible way. Beyond just the main theme, a lot of Manfredini's work throughout the series is downright beautiful. It's part of what makes him such a great composer, the ability to blend different styles and mix and match parts.

Make no mistake about it, though. The opening theme to "Friday the 13th" is downright terrifying! Somehow, it just feels like being slashed with a knife. Plus, outside of the hockey mask... "Ki-Ki-Ki-Ma-Ma-Ma" ... a combination of the words "kill" and "ma" come directly from Manfredini, who spoke them "harshly, distinctly and rhythmically into a microphone" and then ran them into an echo reverberation machine to achieve the iconic sound!

Final Verdict: Among the best in the series and a Top 10 Horror Movie Theme of All Time!

1.) Friday the 13th: Part III
Much like "Jason X", I was not aware that I needed an up tempo, funk version of the "Friday the 13th" theme, and yet here we are. It's the coolest thing ever. Dispute me if you wish, but know that you are wrong.

The remix was done by, I believe, Michael Zager. A member of the jazz rock band Ten Wheel Drive. Commonly referred to as "The Disco Theme" (though I think it's more funk oriented) it's holy-shit-good on so many levels.

And it's also proof that just because something is different doesn't automatically mean it's a bad thing. This is seriously one of the coolest horror movie themes around, not only for the "Friday the 13th" franchise but horror movies in general.

Final Verdict: Unconventional and extremely cool. Like a surprise Christmas gift you didn't know you wanted!