Monday, May 15, 2017

I Now Own A Sealed Batman '89 VHS Tape!

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I love thrift shops, especially early in the summer months. When folks start to spring clean. That is when all of the good stuff get's dumped!

Today, I made a routine trip to the local Goodwill which I frequent. I scoured the shelves for something fun and came away with two copies of Tim Burton's 1989 "Batman" on VHS.

One of the tapes is still factory shrink wrapped!

I am honestly not a VHS tape collector, but sometimes life gives you opportunities you 'aught not pass. This was one of them.

Goodwill's tend to vary from location to location, each shop has its own flavor. My particular store is a bit frustrating, in that they don't really sort anything. Or even... try to, for that matter.

The shop is mostly just big long shelves full of clothing, with some spaces up above for all the miscellaneous knick-knacks. One end is dedicated to used furniture and a small corner filled with books.

One small wire rack is usually all they have for media (movies, games, music, records) and that is usually extremely picked through. To my surprise, today they had a second wire rack. Doubled sided. And filled with VHS tapes!

Eek! It was like being transported back in time to the long-since-closed Mom & Pop Video store we used to have downtown. My first instinct was to scan for anything horror related. Sadly, they didn't have anything to choose from. Unless you count a beat up copy of "Ghost" starring Patrick Swayze a horror film.

I'm pretty pleased to have a factory sealed copy of "Batman" though. If for no other reason than to say I've got one.

Oh and it was only .50 cents.

Eat your heart out, eBay.

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