Saturday, September 30, 2017

Halloween Countdown 2017: M&Ms Ghoul's Mix!

The 2017 Halloween Countdown is a two plus month celebration of the spookiest sights and sounds of the season! Tonight we party with M&Ms GHOUL'S MIX! A spooky new twist on a classic candy treat!

2017 Halloween Countdown!
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Unexpected Surprises. The best part of the Halloween (and later Christmas) Seasons is all of the unexpected surprises that you run across. A routine trip to the gas station this morning turned up M&Ms GHOUL'S MIX! One of the coolest new items of the season.

Sometimes (most of the time) it's the simple designs that work the best. I love pumpkin spice but not everything needs the pumpkin spice treatment. A few years ago we got both pumpkin spice and candy corn flavored M&M's ... I found them both gag inducing.

2017 Halloween Countdown!
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Ghoul's Mix is a much better spooky alternative. No crazy flavoring that you have to convince yourself into loving, it's regular peanut M&M's... only so much better. I love the color palate. Purples. Oranges. With a splash of green. Each seems slightly muted and punched up to eleven at the same time. It's a clear cut case of witchcraft.  

And we haven't even really talked about the front of the package, which features artwork so good I'm half tempted to turn it into my next tattoo. Spooky bats, monster green fonts, the yellow M&M guy dressed as a mummy... this is why Halloween is so great! I love junk like this.

As of this writing (September 30th) I feel like we've had a great start to the 2017 Halloween Season. I'm not sure what surprises October has in store for us, but I plan on fitting in as much Halloween as I can for the next 31 days as humanly possibly. I suggest you do the same!

Stay Spooky Everyone!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Christmas Countdown 2017: The First Signs!

September 22nd marks the arrival of the Autumn Equinox! Summer is officially over and the Countdown to Halloween is well underway. The arrival of another year-end Holiday has already began, however. Let's take a look at the first official signs of the 2017 Christmas Season! Ho-Ho-Ho!

For many of us, Halloween is a two month celebration of everything spooky and macabre. Retail stores have started pushing product sooner and sooner each season, much to the delight of Great Pumpkin enthusiasts worldwide.

This helps make September through December is my favorite time of year to go shopping. All of the amazing seasonal products that get released this time of year, it's bliss. From pumpkins to Santa... it all makes for an innocent distraction from how crappy the real world can be.

It should come as no real surprise then, with the Halloween Season kicking off sooner than ever before, that the Christmas Season would follow suit. I was out searching for a few items to write about in this years Halloween Countdown when I accidentally stumbled upon Christmas!

Pictured above the first real items of the season, Peppermint Coffee-Mate and After Dinner Mint Chocolate Milk. To clarify, by real items of the season... my personal set of "Hunt for the Holidays" parameters dictate that any store that keeps Christmas out year round (Hallmark) or sets up insanely early (Hobby Lobby) doesn't really count.

What I look for, and what I think is fun, is when the run of the mill stores that you visit every single day suddenly decide "close enough" and cover the place in reindeer droppings and frosted flakes.

That is not a healthy combination, don't eat it for breakfast.

For those wondering, yeah... I bought the After Dinner Mint Chocolate Milk and it was delicious.  I've seen this for a couple years now and always passed it over in favor of some classic eggnog, but I'm glad I finally made the dive.

It's really good. Albeit it not particularly Christmassy ... I'm sort of alright with that. Afterall it is only September.

I will be back tomorrow with a new entry into the 2017 Halloween Countdown.... a look at the redesigned Halloween Oreo's!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Halloween Countdown 2017:10 Things I Like About The Great Pumpkin!

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" debuted October 27th, 1966. Since then, it has been one of the Halloween seasons finest cartoon specials! Here are 10 Things I Like About The Great Pumpkin!

Halloween Countdown 2017
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10.) Linus Makes A 'Great Pumpkin' Sign!
One of the iconic images of the cartoon is this shot of Linus sitting happily by himself in the middle of a pumpkin patch, holding a handwritten sign welcoming the Great Pumpkin.

Classic Peanuts Charm is at play here, it's so innocent. So silly. And so strangely heartwarming to see Linus firmly planted in his belief that the Great Pumpkin exists and is looking for the most sincere pumpkin patch. Don't worry Linus, if I was in charge I'd pick you!

Halloween Countdown 2017
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9.) Pigpen Makes an Appearance! 
My favorite of the secondary Peanuts Gang characters, Pigpen makes a couple brief appearances. The first time he shows up on screen he's wearing a makeshift ghost costume, boasting to himself how nobody will be able to recognize him under that bed-sheet.

Of course everyone instantly recognizes Pigpen due to the massive cloud of dust which surrounds him everyplace he goes. No matter how many times I watch this cartoon, I always get a kick out of this little gag.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Halloween Countdown 2017: Blair Witch Project's Decade Old Website!

The 2017 Halloween Countdown is a two plus month celebration of the spookiest sights and sounds of the season! Tonight we dive deep into the decade old website of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and uncover this forgotten relic of years past!

The Blair Witch Project. It is one of those horror films that you either lived through and get why people remember it so fondly or are to young to understand why the hell anyone was ever frightened of it the first place.

I am a huge fan of the flick but will always be among the first to admit that time has not been kind to the motion picture. Since its release in 1999 countless other movies have taken the concept of "found footage" and not only done it better, but done it to the point that it is incredibly difficult to go back to The Blair Witch Project and enjoy the movie for what it is.

And what it is (or was) is an incredibly surreal experience with a complete mindfuck for an ending that, back in 1999, everyone was convinced was 100% real.

It sounds like a complete farce but trust me everyone thought this film was real. Why? Simply because they told us it was. Besides, it didn't look or sound like any other film that had ever came out before it. This looked like... well, found footage.

It made the movie seem completely plausible when logic and better judgement should have dictated otherwise. The Blair Witch Project wasn't just a film that you went and seen. It was an experience that, for a few months in the late 1990's, everybody was completely entrenched in.

And a big part of that experience (for me) was logging online and checking out the films official website. I was an odd kid, I spent an unhealthy amount of time pondering over the information presented on Blair Witch Project website, treating each and every word as gospel.

The wonderful part about the internet is that nothing ever really goes away.

Despite being over a decade old, the original Blair Witch website is still online. Largely untouched since the films release, it is like stepping through a time machine and into a world of slow internet connections and horribly compressed .GIF files. 

Here are a few highlights:

2017 Halloween Countdown
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MYTHOLOGY: It is amazing that this passed as a functioning website back in 1999. I know the phrase "times used to be so much simpler" tends to get tossed around a lot, but holy shit the internet really did used to be a hell of a lot simpler.

Anyhow, the meat and potatoes of was this section. Everything on here is a complete and total farce, ie: absolute bullshit. There is no Elly Kedward. There was no "rare" book from 1809. And there sure as shit wasn't four bodies discovered in 1886.

... and none of that mattered. Blair Witch was the perfect storm of right concept at the right time, it sounds silly in 2017 but back in 1999 if it was online you just assumed it was true.

All of this information added so much to the films lore, way more than Freddy or Jason ever had. I will use this analogy again, but Blair Witch was half found footage and half Unsolved Mysteries.

Good god it was a lot of fun!