Friday, September 22, 2017

Christmas Countdown 2017: The First Signs!

September 22nd marks the arrival of the Autumn Equinox! Summer is officially over and the Countdown to Halloween is well underway. The arrival of another year-end Holiday has already began, however. Let's take a look at the first official signs of the 2017 Christmas Season! Ho-Ho-Ho!

For many of us, Halloween is a two month celebration of everything spooky and macabre. Retail stores have started pushing product sooner and sooner each season, much to the delight of Great Pumpkin enthusiasts worldwide.

This helps make September through December is my favorite time of year to go shopping. All of the amazing seasonal products that get released this time of year, it's bliss. From pumpkins to Santa... it all makes for an innocent distraction from how crappy the real world can be.

It should come as no real surprise then, with the Halloween Season kicking off sooner than ever before, that the Christmas Season would follow suit. I was out searching for a few items to write about in this years Halloween Countdown when I accidentally stumbled upon Christmas!

Pictured above the first real items of the season, Peppermint Coffee-Mate and After Dinner Mint Chocolate Milk. To clarify, by real items of the season... my personal set of "Hunt for the Holidays" parameters dictate that any store that keeps Christmas out year round (Hallmark) or sets up insanely early (Hobby Lobby) doesn't really count.

What I look for, and what I think is fun, is when the run of the mill stores that you visit every single day suddenly decide "close enough" and cover the place in reindeer droppings and frosted flakes.

That is not a healthy combination, don't eat it for breakfast.

For those wondering, yeah... I bought the After Dinner Mint Chocolate Milk and it was delicious.  I've seen this for a couple years now and always passed it over in favor of some classic eggnog, but I'm glad I finally made the dive.

It's really good. Albeit it not particularly Christmassy ... I'm sort of alright with that. Afterall it is only September.

I will be back tomorrow with a new entry into the 2017 Halloween Countdown.... a look at the redesigned Halloween Oreo's!

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