Saturday, September 30, 2017

Halloween Countdown 2017: M&Ms Ghoul's Mix!

The 2017 Halloween Countdown is a two plus month celebration of the spookiest sights and sounds of the season! Tonight we party with M&Ms GHOUL'S MIX! A spooky new twist on a classic candy treat!

2017 Halloween Countdown!
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Unexpected Surprises. The best part of the Halloween (and later Christmas) Seasons is all of the unexpected surprises that you run across. A routine trip to the gas station this morning turned up M&Ms GHOUL'S MIX! One of the coolest new items of the season.

Sometimes (most of the time) it's the simple designs that work the best. I love pumpkin spice but not everything needs the pumpkin spice treatment. A few years ago we got both pumpkin spice and candy corn flavored M&M's ... I found them both gag inducing.

2017 Halloween Countdown!
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Ghoul's Mix is a much better spooky alternative. No crazy flavoring that you have to convince yourself into loving, it's regular peanut M&M's... only so much better. I love the color palate. Purples. Oranges. With a splash of green. Each seems slightly muted and punched up to eleven at the same time. It's a clear cut case of witchcraft.  

And we haven't even really talked about the front of the package, which features artwork so good I'm half tempted to turn it into my next tattoo. Spooky bats, monster green fonts, the yellow M&M guy dressed as a mummy... this is why Halloween is so great! I love junk like this.

As of this writing (September 30th) I feel like we've had a great start to the 2017 Halloween Season. I'm not sure what surprises October has in store for us, but I plan on fitting in as much Halloween as I can for the next 31 days as humanly possibly. I suggest you do the same!

Stay Spooky Everyone!

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