Thursday, February 1, 2018

Beverage Review: Mountain Dew ICE!

Beverage Review: Mountain Dew ICE is a Lemon Lime twist on the traditional Mountain Dew flavor. But how does the newest beverage of 2018 hold up?

Mountain Dew 2018
Mountain Dew ICE!
Mountain Dew ICE, I kinda love that name. It's cool. Pun intended. Puns are always intended.

We are on the cusp of weird new flavors of soda season, a thing that I just made up but sounds accurate enough to actually exist. Usually you get these offshoot flavors in Spring / Summer months, the time of year when I won't bat an eye at drinking Tobasco Flavored Pepsi.

Since January feels like it was roughly 87 days long, I'll gladly take a new offshoot flavor of Mountain Dew to help pass the time. And I'm impressed that this isn't some heavily gimmicked monstrosity, Mountain Dew ICE feels like a flavor that could stick around for a long time.

Back in December we got a Christmas themed beverage from Mountain Dew, Holiday Brew. It was a welcome edition to the Christmas Season but not really a thing that I would drink on a regular basis. Mountain Dew ICE on the other hand, is actually good.

Very much in line with Sprite or 7 Up, ICE is a lemon lime flavored beverage that sheds the traditional neon glow of Mountain Dew and replaces it with an all clear liquid. I respect this change. It makes ICE feel slightly more adult and less like a Doritos-Covered-Game-Fuel-Guzzling-Call-Of-Duty-Extreme-Snowboarding soda that Mountain Dew typically markets itself as.

Plus it feels like ICE was specifically made to be mixed with alcohol. Perfect for what's left of the winter season. So how does Mountain Dew ICE hold up? Turns out I like it a lot! I'm not sure if it's going to light up Twitter the way a Christmas or Halloween themed soda would, but that doesn't mean it's not a good soft drink. If you get a chance, try one... it sure beats anything else related to the Neon Nightmare known as Valentines Day currently out on shelves.

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